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Crafts, Textiles and Seams

USD 56.00 - 70.00 Piece

Sale Unit : Piece
Min Order :10
Incoterm :FOB



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Transportation Type Terrestrial
Estimated time for delivery (Days)
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Cargo Specifications
  • Country of Assembly: Chile
  • Country of Origin: Chile
  • Material of Fabrication:Lana
  • Contents in Package:null
  • Product Warranty:null
  • Prop 65:false
  • CPSIA Warning 1:null
  • CPSIA Warning 2:null
  • CPSIA Warning 3:null
  • CPSIA Warning 4:null
  • Certification 1:null
  • Certification 2:null
  • Certification 3:null
  • Certification 4:null
  • Certification 5:null
  • Certification 6:null
  • Sustainability Certification 1 :null
  • Sustainability Certification 2:null
  • Sustainability Certification 3:null
  • Sustainability Certification 4:null
  • Sustainability Certification 5:null

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